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Meet the Halal Regulations

Our team offers Halal Certification for your product and processes, applying our technical expertise to all our food safety projects. We understand the importance of meeting the requirements that have been set for a Halal certification, so you have the opportunity to reach your consumers. Hiland Global Certifications will conduct independent audits and evaluations as needed to ensure your product meets the Halal standard.

What is Halal?

Halal derives from the Muslim culture and community, and includes specific foods that follow the Islamic dietary guidelines. It’s important for companies that cater to the Halal community, to know that it’s a way of life that seeks purity of the sources which products they are buying come from.

Those that follow a Halal lifestyle cannot consume the following:
Pork or by-products of pork
Animals not slaughtered properly
Blood and blood products
Carnivorous animals
Birds of prey
Land animals without external ears

The Certification Process

Contact certifying body

Submit application

Application review


Final Review