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Who We Are

Hiland Global Certification has been in business for 10 years and started out as Hiland Naturals, a Non - GMO feed Company, started in 2004. As our customers began asking for their products to be verified, Hiland Global Certifications was born.

When we were known as Hiland Naturals, it took about one and a half years to get Non-GMO verified. Working through that process taught us how we can speed up the process for our customers. 

Over the years our team's experience has grown and our relationships with various technical administrators have also increased. We’ve been able to take a certification process that once took months to complete, to now be accomplished in mere weeks, saving our clients time and the ability to produce their verified products sooner. 

Not only do we work with companies in the States, but our experienced team also works with International companies that are bringing products ranging from ingredients to finished goods, into North America. With our knowledge of the feed and livestock industry, we work exceptionally well on animal-derived products that are brought into the country.

​Hiland Global Certifications has a vision to help our customers acquire high-level verification status. Our expertise lies in the assurance that our customers maintain their verification in an ever-expanding food market that spans North America, Australia, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Daniel Masters, CEO

Daniel Masters


Daniel Masters is the visionary and founder of Hiland Global Certifications. With a passion for promoting sustainable and inclusive food practices, Daniel has dedicated...

Chad Lewis, Director of Certification

Chad Lewis

Director of Certification

Chad has been in the food manufacturing world for about 15 years and uses his experience in quality assurance as a consultant...

Paul Sommers, Director of Business Development

Paul Sommers

Director of Business Development

As a food manufacturing consultant with over 10 years of experience, Paul offers a comprehensive range of knowledge to...

Tom Hershberger, Senior Organic Specialist

Tom Hershberger

Senior Organic Specialist

Through the years Tom has had the opportunity to manage several food and feed manufacturing facilities. He has taken on responsibilities...

Erica Montgomery, Certification Specialist

Erica Montgomery

Certification Specialist

As a seasoned food manufacturing consultant specializing in certified organic products, Erica brings a unique blend of expertise in...

Kelly Merrey, Administration Director

Mary Kelley

Administration Director

With a keen eye for organization and a passion for efficient operations, Mary plays a pivotal role as the Office Admin and...