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Non - GMO

Much like the Non-GMO Project, we are a team dedicated to continuing the preservation and production of sources of Non-GMO products. Hiland Global Certifications offers Non-GMO Verification of both your product and processes.



Our responsibility is to control organically-produced agricultural products in ordinance with national standards. By controlling these standards, we can assure our consumers that products with the USDA Organic seal will meet in accordance with the high standards of the USDA National Organic Program.



It’s important to become familiar with the extensive list of requirements to become Kosher Certified. At Hiland Global Certifications we assure your Kosher certification process will be seamless and that your product will adhere to all the Kosher Law Requirements.

 gluten free

Gluten Free

Hiland Global Certifications provides business owners with the certification needed to help protect gluten-free consumers. A certification that meets the Gluten-Free criteria and best practices.



Hiland Global Certifications is dedicated to ensuring your product will reach the right hands and wear its certification proudly. It’s important to verify that your product follows the comprehensive list of standards for Vegan Certification, which is why Hiland Global Certifications is ready to help you meet the list of criteria and practices.



Our team walks through each step of the Halal Certification process with you to ensure your product meets the high standards and requirements Halal has set. Hiland Global Certifications offers a seamless verification process.