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Meet the Non-GMO Standard

Our team offers Non-GMO Certification of both your product and processes, applying our technical expertise to all our food safety projects.

These independent evaluations verify the validity and integrity of the claims you make about your products. Hiland Global Certifications systems will provide assurance to you, your supply chain, and your customers.

We are here to help prove that your products are produced within the structure of a Non-GMO management system that actively prevents the inclusion of genetically engineered materials and their residues into your Non-GMO product streams. 

What are GMOs?

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are plants and animals created using the splicing techniques of genetic engineering (GE/biotechnology). These organisms are created by merging DNA from different species. The result is unbalanced, unreliable, and irregular combinations of plant, animal, bacterial and viral genes not normally occurring naturally or in customary hybridization. 

Even though all marketable GMOs are created to resist direct herbicide application and/or to result in insecticides, not one of the characteristics of GMOs on the market presently offers a single consumer benefit such as increased yield, enhanced nutrition, and drought tolerance. GE/biotech Industry has made erroneous promises concerning these benefits.

​However, health problems, damage to the environment, and violation of the rights of both farmers and consumers are all directly linked to GMOs.

The Certification Process

Initial analysis of ingredients used to determine the complexity of the project 

We walk through the application process with the Certifying Body

Licensing Agreement with Non-GMO Project

Product / Ingredient submission with be completed

We will conduct an on-site audit

Certification granted upon final review - this is good for one year

Annual renewal